Different types lights
Warm White (2700-3500K), Neutral / Daylight (4000-4500K), White/ Cool Light

Low power consummation!
LED lightning is 8 times more powerful from standard incandescent bulb. High efficient – power consumption is between 50-80% lower than standard bulbs.

How bright you want to be ?
When we were using on standard incandescent bulb was enough to think only for their brightness measured in watts (W). Now we need to start to think about lumens. Lumen (LM) represent unit for emitted light.

Led lightning is compliant with your needs !
Huge variety of lightning sources, shapes, colors and capacity allows you to choose right solution for your needs.

Shape of the bulb determines angle of emitted light
so you should decide what you will use bulb for. For sealing you could use standard form, which will lighten equally and with wide angle (270°, 300 °).

Long life and low cost maintaince !
LED lightning is with very long life span about 20000-50000 working hours. Compared with 1000-2000 h for standard incandescent bulb, helps to lower your expenses.

How to choose the most suitable LED bulb?