Company is created in the begging of 2014 year. We are official “V-TAC Europe” Ltd and „GREE Bulgaria“ distributor. Our purpose is to be reliable partner in whole process from supply until installation of LED lightning V-TAC and air conditioning technics from “GREE”. Our main object is commerce, export and Installation of LED lightning and air conditioners in Bulgaria and West Europe. For our short history our clients are some of the biggest chains in our country, also major companies in different area of Bulgarian economy.

Our desire is to consolidate our position as reliable partner with correctness, professionalism and quality of our service and products. Our main target us to widen market share and make stronger presence of V-TAC as leading brand in Bulgaria and European market, creating long term relationship with our clients and partners. In the spirit of cooperation and trust.

Mladost store

Gorublyane store

Buxton store